Security Assessment

How many times do you get asked to do an assessment by a vendor trying to sell you a product? We see it all the time, so we took a different approach. Our 3rd Security Assessor is focused on one and only one thing… assessing your environment vulnerabilities. We don’t want your credentials… that’s not real world. Take a different approach and get real results.

Most breaches and security events are preventable simply by making sure vulnerabilities are addressed, combined with simple steps users can take to improve their cyber hygiene.

Addressing the vulnerabilities in a network is a moving target that requires constant vigilance. In 2021 over 20,169 vulnerabilities were discovered in the software that runs the computers you use every day. That’s over 55 new vulnerabilities per day. It’s a full-time job keeping up.

What does a third-party assessment program include?

Internal Vulnerability Scan

Find out what an attacker will get to if a user clicks a malicious link. Did a user open a door that allows the attacker to get to all of your organization’s private data? Did your firewall settings change after a project that opened a new way for hackers to get in? Our internal penetration testing team uses the same attack vectors hackers use to test your network from the inside out.

External Vulnerability Scan

Hackers are constantly looking for ways into networks like yours. Once they find a vulnerability, they exploit it using code that is often readily available and simple to use. Our team employs some of the same analysis methods hackers use to find chinks in your armor that could be used to break in. We are constantly evaluating new vulnerabilities. When we find a vulnerability we report it and follow up on it until it is addressed. Then we validate it is addressed by performing a final analysis.

Internal Vulnerability Scan

What if a hacker gets into your network? Are there vulnerabilities they could use to become an administrator or move to other computers? Hackers are constantly finding new vulnerabilities to exploit after they make it into the network. We provide a fresh set of eyes reviewing the internal vulnerabilities of the network.

Identification of Personally Identifiable Information

Are your employees making it easy for an attacker to perform identity theft or fraud using personal information from your employees, clients, or patients? Are they keeping information in places that are easy for an attacker to get to? We hunt for Personally Identifiable Information and help you make sure it is locked away in vaults to reduce your exposure.

Administrative Group Analysis

What would you do if you were a hacker that just got into a network? You’d probably try to become an administrator. One of the first things an attacker does when they get into a network is create accounts with administrative access, we audit these groups for you for changes and help your team make sure no one is an administrator that shouldn’t be.

M365 Analysis

By default, one of your employees could mistakenly publish all of your data on the internet. Today, over 70% of data resides in the cloud. We provide analysis to identify security misconfigurations that lead to breaches and offer steps that can be taken to keep limit users ability to share your data by mistake.

Is it time for YOU to start having a third-party cyber security analysis performed?

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