Managed IT Services

Managed Services for Your IT Department

5S Technologies strives to continuously develop a “fan base” of customers through responsive, innovative, and technically proficient customer support. 

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Operating an IT environment isn’t easy. We are all working to maintain and stabilize the environment while also being focused on responsiveness and time-to-market. We are concerned with the quality but must also manage the cost. We provide re-active support but want to be more pro-active and enhance the perspective of our customers.

5S has experience working with customers to provide that boost needed to operate and maintain the ever-changing landscape. We provide staff that can work with your existing teams to raise the bar of customer satisfaction. By supplementing operations staff, you provide more time for education and downtime that allows for focus on troublesome items.

Continuous Monitoring

Secure your IT environment-Strengthen digital security across devices, apps, and networks with continuous monitoring, real-time incident response, and remediation services.

Budget Predictability

Gain Control over your expenses- Eliminate IT spending uncertainty with a predictable monthly expense model for IT support, maintenance, and hardware.

Proactive Infrastructure

Get help when you need it- Everything comes to a halt when your network stops working. Reduce unexpected downtime with proactive, 24/7/365 infrastructure monitoring and remote remediation and repair services.

What We Monitor

  • Servers

  • Hypervisors

  • Firewalls

  • Licensing and Versioning

  • SQL Servers

  • Configuration Management

  • Exchange/Office 365

  • Networking

  • Storage

  • VM’s

  • Public Cloud (AWS, Azure)

  • Backups

  • Application Performance

  • Web Servers

Imagine the humming of your devices working dependably and deployed to your exact specification. . VisuScope is a cloud based monitoring solution that can monitor every aspect of your infrastructure, no matter how dispersed or complex it is. This allows you to manage your environment as if it were a single datacenter. Our VisuScope Desktop solution will ensure that all your office and IT requirements are crafted with the intention of a seamless integrated solution for your work

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Professional Services

Simplifying IT Through Business-Driven Innovation

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Managing your on-premise infrastructure along with the adoption of cloud service can be stressful. In today’s times, with unknown conditions, and world events having an impact on your business… “Are we choosing the correct solution and platform? Are you designing for scale or trying to shift from Capex to Opex? Are the business requirements being met?”

Our consulting team at 5STechnologies leverage over twenty years’ experience working with datacenter and infrastructure architecture to help guide you through this transition from internal IT Support to business innovators. Our experts can help you accomplish business-focused technology objectives and bring real value to your organization.

Professional Service’s Lines of Business

Ala Carte

Ala Carte

Basic Service Agreement 

Short term Staff augmentation

Long term Staff augmentation 

Emergency Support

RFP response 



IT Strategy & Vision


Proof of Concepts

Technology Audits

Performance Health Checks



Emerging Technology Services “Architecting for the Future”

Business & IT Lifecycle Project design “Understanding the Consumerization of IT or Trusted Advisor”

User, Business & IT Design Sessions



Quick Start configurations

Installation & Configuration

Integration & Testing

Application Packaging

Training & Development

Regional IT Solutions and Services

The latest datacenter technologies with practice expertise in cloud, virtualization, and networking

Mobilize Your Workforce

with our Virtual Desktop and application delivery solution using Citrix and Nutanix technologies

Transition to the Cloud

with a custom designed cloud strategy and transition plan purpose-built for you

Digitize your Network

by enabling a software-defined network and WAN that can scale, shift, and respond in real-time

Mobilize Your Workforce

Regardless of where they work, today’s employees need fast, mobile access to business apps. Digitize your workplace with our Virtual Desktop and application delivery solution wrapped around Citrix and Nutanix technologies. Give your  people secure, simple access to the apps, data, and IT services they need. Provide work from home strategies that allow your business to flourish with centralize control and security, regardless where and how your data is accessed.

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