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What is Service Assurance?

Providing you the confidence that your mission, Keeping the Lights On is a lock. It’s the knowledge you have the power of an ITIL based service, fueled by high-octane monitoring and reporting and delivered by competent and caring professionals.

5S Service Assurance isn’t outsourced monitoring, but a “better outcomes” business solution. Those outcomes we target are reduced incidents, reduced downtime, greater understanding of your mission-critical infrastructure and upcoming capacity & performance constraints. With the addition of Security Assurance solutions there is comfort that you have a Defense-in-Depth security posture and team members whose primary role is staying on top of your threats.

5S Service Assurance are designed and delivered to shift the playing field to your advantage. Shifting from chaos to control, from questions to answers, and from time spent maintaining value to creating value. You know, the fun stuff.

Solution Offerings

5S has structured its solution offerings around the critical service delivery challenges our customers face in the world of ever-increasing needs, service level expectations and things to do to make it happen.

  • Keeping the Lights On – your mission critical computing assets are the hub of all needs you service. If they are down, the enterprise is down. Yet, they require constant care and attention. The IT Operations for the Data Center solution is designed to significantly offload your task burden and more importantly to drive better outcomes for uptime and performance. Based on ITIL V4, it specifically relieves you of the IT Ops functions identified below. It works both for on-premise and cloud environments.
  • Keeping Your Users Smiling – end users are dependent on their desktops to get their job done. When glitches occur that blows back on you and can push you into react mode. Never good for meeting service levels or creating smiles. The IT Operations for the Desktop solution provides the services required to maintain optimum health and capacity of your user desktop environment from OS patching to tools for remote management and monitoring.

So, whether you feel exposed or under resourced in your “virtual” data center, your end-user computing environment or the overall security of your enterprise, 5S has built a service for you to leverage. And you can combine these services in the combination that best meets your unique needs.

Keeping the Lights On

IT Operations – Data Center Foundation Foundation Plus
Install/Configure systems event monitoring, management, and forensics tools.
Monitor & Manage Events – systematically observe critical services for change of state.
Incidents – Identify events impacting or threatening service levels. Prioritize and notify. Enhanced
Alert Tuning – continuous improvement of monitoring.
Measurement & Reporting tuned to support good decision making and build confidence.
Customer Dashboard & Portal providing full infrastructure visibility and ticket management.
Configuration Change Tracking – ensure changes from incidents and upgrades are captured. Enhanced
Advanced Reporting – supports improved Capacity, Performance & Availability Service Levels.  
Troubleshooting & Resolution Management Lead to resolve incidents quickly & conclusively.  

Keeping Your Users Smiling

IT Operations – Desktop Foundation Foundation Plus
Remote Monitoring and Management – monitor the health of user desktops and notify of incidents.
Remote Access – enable remediation of end-user incidents without interruption.
Reporting – provide a complete understanding of the health, licensing, and patching status of desktops. Enhanced
Scripting and Automation – tools that amplify IT staff productivity and leverage common scripting tools. Managed
Patch Management – reduce vulnerabilities through consistent patching of OS and 100+ 3rd party apps. Managed
Automate Backups – ensure desktop data protection. Optional Optional
Managed Anti-Virus – advanced threat security. Optional Optional
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Professional Services

Simplifying IT Through Business-Driven Innovation

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Managing your on-premise infrastructure along with the adoption of cloud service can be stressful. In today’s times, with unknown conditions, and world events having an impact on your business… “Are we choosing the correct solution and platform? Are you designing for scale or trying to shift from Capex to Opex? Are the business requirements being met?”

Our consulting team at 5STechnologies leverage over twenty years’ experience working with datacenter and infrastructure architecture to help guide you through this transition from internal IT Support to business innovators. Our experts can help you accomplish business-focused technology objectives and bring real value to your organization.

Professional Service’s Lines of Business



IT Strategy & Vision


Proof of Concepts

Technology Audits

Performance Health Checks



Emerging Technology Services “Architecting for the Future”

Business & IT Lifecycle Project design “Understanding the Consumerization of IT or Trusted Advisor”

User, Business & IT Design Sessions



Quick Start configurations

Installation & Configuration

Integration & Testing

Application Packaging

Training & Development

Ala Carte

Ala Carte

Basic Service Agreement 

Short term Staff augmentation

Long term Staff augmentation 

Emergency Support

RFP response 

Regional IT Solutions and Services

The latest datacenter technologies with practice expertise in cloud, virtualization, and networking

Mobilize Your Workforce

with our Virtual Desktop and application delivery solution using Citrix and Nutanix technologies

Transition to the Cloud

with a custom designed cloud strategy and transition plan purpose-built for you

Digitize your Network

by enabling a software-defined network and WAN that can scale, shift, and respond in real-time

Mobilize Your Workforce

Regardless of where they work, today’s employees need fast, mobile access to business apps. Digitize your workplace with our Virtual Desktop and application delivery solution wrapped around Citrix and Nutanix technologies. Give your  people secure, simple access to the apps, data, and IT services they need. Provide work from home strategies that allow your business to flourish with centralize control and security, regardless where and how your data is accessed.

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